Something in the water…

Killarney butcher Steve Carey believes the famed quality of Killarney’s beef and pork comes from “something in the water’.
Butcher Steve Carey.

While producers may argue it’s the rich, red volcanic soil that creates the prime quality meat, it’s hard to argue with a bloke who comes from a long line of local butchers and clutches a trophy for award-winning kabana.

Steve says he was thrilled but surprised when his smoked kabana won the Australian Meat Industry Council 2017 Royal Qld Show Smallgoods trophy,  against a field of 27 products.
“I knew it was a good product but I was surprised,” Steve said.
The kabana is half local pork, half beef, spiced with chilli, cayenne pepper and flavoured with cheese.
“It’s popular on pizzas and fried on the BBQ, and it’s not a heat that will chase you away,” Steve said.
Steve’s smoke house skills have been honed by years of practice. He started in a rudimentary smoke house at the back of his grandfather’s Yangan butcher shop.
“Back when I was an apprentice my meat smoking equipment was an axe, a quarter 44 gallon drum and a box of matches.
“I’d hang sides of bacon in halves and light the fire up the front.”
This year Steve will also enter his popular smoked boneless leg ham in the Royal Queensland Show and he will have his prized kabana available for taste testing and purchase at the Killarney Picnic Basket Day.

Good fresh clean food

Killarney dynamo Sue Hoffman is best known at picnic basket day for her world-beating steak burgers.

What you don’t see is the military precision of the burger production that creates the mini-masterpiece presented to each of her 2000 customers.

‘Super Sue’ lives on her picturesque 140-acre property in Killarney next to Browns Falls, in a lush garden that attracts more than 32 species of birds.

Her workdays are spent running the family’s Warwick Gardens Galore nursery, café and gift shop in Warwick, along with the neighbouring motel.

As Sue simultaneously greets customers, wraps gifts and co-ordinates kitchen staff she speaks of her passion for the Killarney region’s “good fresh clean food, full of flavour.”

“At the picnic basket day, I sell steak burgers and pulled pork rolls. I buy local produce and everything is cooked fresh on the day. I buy the steak from a local butcher in Warwick and I buy the pork from the Killarney butcher.” Sue said.

“Even the bread is locally produced and the applesauce is homemade.

“People love the fresh taste and it’s a decent size – like you’d expect to get in the country.”