The last of the cream

Up beyond Queen Mary Falls, over by the rainforest, Ken Watts, made cream. In fact, in 1991, Ken’s lush Killarney mountaintop property saw the last cream delivery in Australia depart his dairy.

Ken’s son Darryl, who with partner Miriam, still operates the dairy, said Ken didn’t strive to be the last cream producer in the country.

“He couldn’t get a dairy buyer to come up here to pick up the milk, so he had to keep making cream and run it down to Dairyfields in Warwick,” Darryl explained.

Finally, in 1991 a buyer agreed to bring collect the milk from his dairy and that was the end of the cream.

Darryl is the fourth generation dairy farmer to rise at four and brave the mountain’s cold misty winter mornings to milk.

They have a mixed herd that includes Fresians, Illawarras, Jerseys, Swiss Browns and an Ayrshire calf.

Like their neighbouring beef and potato farmers, the Watts’ family thank the rich volcanic soil and temperate climate for the Killarney region’s strong history of fresh milk, cream and butter production.