Quilting is like therapy

It’s a sunny Tuesday morning in the Killarney Anglican Church. The Killarney Country Quilters are puzzling over how to get the binding around tight corners on a star-shaped table piece.

Their table is strewn with colourful quilts and embroidered aprons created for the Killarney picnic basket day.

Today’s group of five vivacious and cheerful ladies are carrying on the tradition started by its 16 original members in 1998. The glue that continues to bind them is laughter.

Shirley Hardcastle says their fortnightly gatherings are “like therapy” adding, “it beats farming.”

Looking out through the Church windows over the road to the Killarney Primary School, the group realises they went to that school together, graduating in the late 1950s.

That memory generated a discussion about what girls learned in home economics back then, like how to iron tablecloths. They all agreed they would have liked to learn wood and metal work.

But the skills they learned have contributed to the attention to detail, creativity and patience applied to their beautifully crafted quilts that continue to raise money for the local community.

Over the years their quilts have raised funds for breast cancer, the Killarney Recreation Club, Aged Care, the Church to name a few.

This year they have created a stunning quilt, valued at over $500, for the Killarney Picnic Basket Day to raise funds for mental health.