Rohan Hancock – Star on the paddock, shines in the yards

Former rugby league great Rohan Hancock was considered one of ‘the Invincibles’ on the paddock but these days he is renowned for his cattle buying prowess in the yards.

In the 1980s Rohan played the State of Origin’s first three years for Queensland. In 1982 he played in the Australian representative Kangaroos team, nicknamed ‘The Invincibles’ when they returned home as the first undefeated team to complete a Kangaroo Tour. Following his footsteps, daughter Stephanie last year co-captained the Australian women’s rugby league team, the Jillaroos, to win the team’s first World Cup.

While football opened doorways for Rohan, it was his rural childhood that shaped his career as a respected cattle buyer.

Raised among the rich volcanic fields of Killarney Queensland, Rohan’s pedigree extends from a long line of cattle selectors, butchers and processors.

His grandfather, ‘Tec’ Hancock, taught Rohan, as a boy, the art of cattle buying.

Rohan went on to train as a butcher at the Killarney Butchery and later in the Hancock family-owned Killarney Abattoir, opened by his father Rolly in the 1970s.

It was Killarney’s major employer for three decades and established ‘Killarney beef’s’ reputation as superior quality meat.

Quality cattle remain a big part of Rohan’s life, as he seeks out the best cattle in the district to supply to local butchers and, further afield, to well-known Brisbane meat suppliers, A la Carte Meats. Rohan firmly believes the fresh mountain air and rolling green hills of the Killarney area produce the best beef cattle in the country.

2 Replies to “Rohan Hancock – Star on the paddock, shines in the yards”

  1. Ro, you are a legend!

    Looking forward to a ‘gem of the downs’ steak burger at the picnic day. Best ever.

  2. An absolute gentleman, great father and family man, with an awesome eye for cattle, a great boss, proud to say I know him 😁, congrats Rohan, the only man to ever play origin from country league (TRL), and did a belter of a job 🖒😃🖒

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